Swim Lesson Policies


• There are two types of ways to schedule lessons. The ‘set schedule’ and ‘a la carte’ lessons:
         • The best way to guarantee a certain time/day is through a set schedule.
         • With a set schedule, if you would like to discontinue, please give Alison at least one weeks’ notice if you do not have an end date.
• If you choose to go with an a la carte lesson, you will be notified of the open time slot/s weekly or as they become available, and are within your availability. These time slots will vary week by week and are not always guaranteed.

Payment Policy

• Cash, Zelle, or Check
• All lessons will be paid in advance to reserve your spot. If paying by cash or check, you can pay in person at the first lesson. If paying by Zelle, payment must be sent before to reserve.
• For a la carte lessons, single payment is due when you confirm the lesson. If paying by check or cash, payment can be made at the lesson.
• If your lesson was completely cancelled due to inclement weather and was pre-paid, that balance will be rolled over as a credit to a future lesson.

Cancelation Policy

• All non-weather-related cancellations will need to be notified by text message, more than 24 hours in advance from the start time to your scheduled lesson. If lesson was prepaid, Alison will offer a time to reschedule. If less than 24 hours, the lesson amount, will be charged in full. This includes illness or last minute conflicts resulting in a cancellation. More than three cancellations could result in losing your time slot.

All Weather Related Cancellations

• Miami’s summer weather is constantly changing, completely unpredictable and could be storming one location, and not another!
• Cancellations will be made by the instructor 30 minutes (or less) before the start of the lesson. If in the event of light to moderate rain, we will still swim, however extremely heavy rain and or thunder and lightning we will cancel and try to reschedule. Please note: Alison will use her best judgement when predicting the weather.
• If it starts to heavy rain or thunder/lightening after the start of the lesson, we will stop, and the remaining time, if greater than 15 minutes, that time will be added to a future lesson.

Photo or Videos

• From time-to-time Alison may video swim lessons for educational, progression tracking, and marketing purposes. If you wish to not have your child videoed, an email must be sent to Lifeguardsondeck@gmail.com stating your request, prior to the start of the first swim lesson.