Meet The Owner

Alison Riccobono created Lifeguards On Deck from years of hands-on experience, extensive knowledge, and passion. Born and raised in Michigan, Alison, at a young age, found a love and desire for water sports. Alison competitively swam and dove throughout high school, which eventually led her to a college scholarship.

As an All-American diver at Penn State University, she earned a degree in Psychology. Alison then obtained her master’s degree in Education while coaching at St. Lawrence University in New York. She graduated in 2010 and quickly started her first full-time job in Higher Education. Since then, Alison has been working at universities all over the nation in various positions. In the last eight years, she has specifically been working with student-athletes in finding their professional purpose outside of their sport.

In 2014, Alison moved to Florida to take a position at the University of Miami. Shortly after, she transferred to Florida International University to work in the Student-Athlete Academic Center. In 2018, Alison felt herself being pulled back to the water and started lifeguarding private events and teaching at-home private swim lessons in her free time. As her clientele grew, she realized there was a void in reliable and passionate lifeguards in the Miami-Dade area. That is when the vision of Lifeguards On Deck was created.

Alison loves what she does. She has found her passion in working with kids and creating a safe and fun environment so that they can enjoy the water as much as she does. Her background in swimming and diving, previous professional experience, and network of reliable lifeguards in the area, have allowed Alison to develop and expand Lifeguards On Deck.

When she is not working, Alison enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, going to the beach, being on the water, and watching the sunrise. She also enjoys traveling around the country visiting her five siblings and parents, exploring unique parts of Miami, and cooking healthy, tasty food.